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Residential Services

NST offers a lot of innovative services for the end user. We open a “new age” for the residential telecommunication!

Calling Alternatively (With) Mobile (CAM), a service provided by Jump Roaming

Why spend a fortune to call your friends and relations abroad?

With this service you can make low cost international calls by linking local (virtual) numbers to each frequently called international number. The service works on a normal telephone using the GSM network, therefore there is no need for an internet connection! You can find more information on Jump Roaming website or by sending an email to

And in order to know in detail how Jump Roaming works in all its functionalities, click here.

MySwiss VoIP

Instead of running your phone calls over a traditional landline, NST delivers them over your broadband connection (this is called Voice over IP or VoIP). With NST's MySwiss VoIP service you can make low-cost phone calls over your broadband internet connection.

The technology may be advanced, but we keep it simple for you - use it the same way you'd use your current home phone. Your computer doesn't have to be on, you can use your existing phone handsets and keep your current phone number. 

The only difference is that you can now enjoy much lower call costs to local, national, international and mobile destinations and save up to 60% off your phone bills!

Call your friends and family on any landline worldwide, chat as long as you like, and only pay for a local call!

Even better, get your family and friends on board too, and you can call them at no cost with FREE untimed calls any time of the day.

TwinAPP Virtual SIM

Your phone number is the front door to your business and private life, so why not get one that’s easier to remember, stands out and says who you are and where you're supposed to be (you can have numbers from all over the world, indeed).

With a small charge per minute and no monthly fee at all, you are going to have a phone number anyway. Then why do not make it something that stands out and says who you are! Just because most phone companies are lazy and don’t let you pick your favorite number, it doesn’t mean you just have to accept that.

So you can pick an alternative mobile number (twin number or virtual SIM) from NST and use it as your existing cell phone number, your business or personal number or even just to make it easier for your two year old child to remember your number.

NST TwinAPP Virtual SIM offers you also a lot of other services such as caller screening (black list, white list), advanced routing, call forwarding and much more!

Not sure where to start? Contact our sales team to discuss the best solution for you!