Stairway to Telecom

About Us

We are a multi-country licensed telecom operator and integrator with more than a hundred direct interconnections to landline and mobile operators.

Services provided by our company are identified by trademark NST©.

Offered services are mainly oriented to business dealings in an international environment. Our customers have access to a wide portfolio of services through several technologies: VoIP, PSTN, ISDN, GSM, UMTS and SAT.

Our offer involves the following solutions:

  • international calls at extremely competitive prices for mobile and landline users;
  • incoming calls on fix(landlines) or mobile numbers (different from the ones given by fix and mobile operators) and going through a smart switching system able to offer many options, example: call forwarding on busy or un-answering, selective forwarding on time frames basis, black/white list management;
  • allocation of toll-free numbers, personal numbers, business and marketing, games, lotteries and adult entertainment services at domestic and international level;
  • wholesale voice international, voice trading between carriers, telephone service providers and operators;
  • value added services related to dedicated and customized offers. 

The above described services are delivered by means of last generation multi-service platform, based on VoIP technology as well as TDM interoperability through gateways. 

We offer you the technology necessary to implement the collection services that are best-suited to your business model.

NST uses your business requirements to find the best business communication solutions on the market. Unlike most business communication providers, we do not select just one carrier or just one solution set, NST’s focus is on delivering 100% customer satisfaction by providing customized solutions that meet given customer requirements.

Not sure where to start? Contact our sales team to discuss the best solution for you!