Stairway to Telecom


NST’s network is configured as a bi-directional, self-healing ring. This provides all of NTS’s customers with complete network redundancy, high-speed and high-quality voice. 

NST supports its commitment for a reliable and redundant network by providing our customers with industry grade standard Service Level Agreements with unparalled customer service.

NST’s network currently has three points of presence (“PoP”) located in Zurich, Switzerland; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Paris, France. NST has designed its network and operational facilities to be scalable and has invested in leading-edge network components that support its customers’ expansion requirements and new product development initiatives.


NST has successfully developed a strong partnership with global telecommunication and service providers to form a strong technical, commercial and customer focused organization that has successfully developed innovative solutions to meet our customer requirements globally .


NST enables you to simplify and grow your business with solutions designed to deliver the highest quality at the lowest possible rates. With 100+ interconnects and four service levels, you can choose the best solution for your communications. By Partnering with NST your business can: 

  • increase your bottom line, add customers and reduce churn;
  • improve your overall quality, speed up your time to market;
  • simplify your business management ;
  • get direct access to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, South America and more.

Not sure where to start? Contact our sales team to discuss the best solution for you!