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Business Services

NST provides a wide range of voice services designed exclusively for business clients. Whether you desire to consolidate all of your basic local dial-tone or POTS lines nationwide, or developing your strategy for the transition to IP Telephony, or you simply need less expensive sounds better than cheaper (at excellent quality) long distance calls, toll-free numbers or conferencing services. NST will provide a network solution designed for your needs today that drive your vision for the future.

Business VoIP Services

Establish an impressive, worldwide presence with NST’s VoIP termination solution for enterprises of all sizes at an incredibly low cost, using the Internet infrastructure already in your office. NST's SIP trunking offers compelling advantages for large and small businesses looking to make serious telephony price cuts with so much more benefits than ever before. 

Feel like it's time for an upgrade in quality? NST's business VoIP termination service will arm you with the carrier-grade voice communication your company needs at highly affordable costs.

NST will give you greater flexibility by providing the lowest rates to the countries you call the most. Your company will benefit from: 

  • highly trained technicians who ensure exceptional network reliability by providing end-to-end network monitoring and disaster avoidance;
  • long distance calling supported by your personal Account Manager and experienced Customer Service Operators;
  • fast connections on the most advanced, self-healing fibre-optic network with echo-free cancellation control. 

Business Numbers

You can manage a complete and user-friendly web-interface for numbers distribution and routing. A wide selection of international numbers of different kinds (toll-free, geographic, domestic and international premium rate) can be routed to any phone number (landline or mobile) with few clicks. 

You can select the outgoing CLI (calling ID), the phone number that the caller will see shown on phone display. 

Corporate Calling Card

The NST Corporate Calling card is designed specifically for the international business traveler as a cost effective, reliable communications tool. The corporate card can be used around the world to call from Country to Country, saving up to 50% of the cost of international roaming and hotel calling rates! 


Developing a telecom management strategy that balances technology, cost and feasibility is a daunting task. At the same time, you are expected to manage a complex communications infrastructure, validate what you are paying for, what you own (and make sure they match up), and generate internal savings. All too often, applying best practices and securing competive rates is a luxury you don't have time for.

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NTS is uniquely qualified to help design, implement, and optimize your networks for reliable operation and rapid returns on infrastructure investments.

NST helps you maximize the value of your current network infrastructure by identifying risks and opportunities, analyzing approaches and recommending solutions to optimize your network.

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